Jamie Foxx Jokes About How Great It Is To Kill White People, Gets His Feels Hurt When Called A Word

Jamie Foxx who commented about how great it was that he got to kill white people in one of his movies, gets his feels hurt when a racial slur is allegedly hurled at him. The 2 men were later arrested for saying a word that upset the snowflake. This is what liberals want, to be able to bully anyone they don’t like and at the same time have the full force of the state come down on those who offend them. #Resist

P.S. People have claimed that the statement Jamie Foxx made about how great it was to kill white people was just a joke. Well then we have to ask what other “jokes” would be funny and tolerated. Would someone saying ‘It was great to kill all the blacks be ok?’ Would- ‘It was great to kill all the Mexicans be ok?’ Would- ‘It was great to kill all the Jews be ok?’ I think we all know that if any of those other statements were made the snowflakes would be protesting, sending death threats and screaming like little kids when someone took their toy away. Furthermore whomever made the statement would have their career ruined.

Free speech is a two way street. Don`t dish out intolerance and then cry when it comes back to you.

Croatian Police Arrest 2 People Who Reportedly Used a Racial Slur Against Jamie Foxx

Croatian police have filed charges against two people who are alleged to have used racist language against actor Jamie Foxx, according to BBC News.

The incident appears to have taken place in a restaurant in Croatia, where Foxx has been filming Robin Hood: Origins.. Foxx said in a now-deleted Instagram post that a racist term was used by the men. The police said that they had responded to “arrogant and rude” insults against diners including one against a guest “on racial grounds”. They did not identify Foxx as the guest in question.

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