Tipped Over Headstones At Jewish Cemetery Not A Hate Crime

The left has been on a witchhunt for hate crimes ever since President Trump entered the candidate pool. One hallmark of mass media is to report anything and everything as a hate crime before any facts come out. It is a deliberate attempt to slander (9 times out of 10) white males or Christians. It is also an attempt to play on people`s emotions as the left advances their goals by using emotional pleas rather than logic or reality. Their game is on full force in this new reign of President Trump and mass media has repeatedly reported on Trump supporters attacking innocent people. The problem is that most of the “hate crimes” that mass media accused Trump supporters of turned out to be fake. Over the past month threats to Jewish schools and other institutions as well as headstones being tipped over at Jewish cemeteries were also being called indicative of the hate inspired under President Trump. The narrative was ruined this past week when the man arrested for allegedly making the phone threats turned out to be a mixed race man who voted for Bernie Sanders. An article posted Sunday in the New York Daily News also confirmed that tombstones tipped over in a Jewish cemetery were not a hate crime saying that the ones that were fallen had done so naturally. An article on Townhall points out that the media was silent about anti semitism under Obama`s presidency and asks why that was. It also states that anti semitism appeared to peak on college campuses in 2015. What should be noted is that college campuses today are predominantly leftist.

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