A Day Without Whiny Women in America

Liberal women thought they were teaching us a lesson by withdrawing from society on A Day Without Women. In all actuality it would please normal American`s very much if they could make it permanent. Below is a link to a great article from a “Renaissance woman” who ridicules their immaturity, irresponsibility and hypocrisy. In it she states “That is who is marching today in America. They are privileged women who have had the luxury of spending four or more years in universities, sitting at the feet of their adored indoctrinators, who tell them they are victims and deserve safe places to be able to hear the echoed sounds of their own voices without trigger words that hurt their itty bitty feelings.

A Day Without Whiny Women in America

Unlike those ‘striking’ today, responsible women are winners, not whiners — leaders, not followers — and they show up for work

Full article here

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