Prevent Maryland From Becoming a Sanctuary State

This past week in Montgomery County, Maryland 2 students were arrested for allegedly raping a girl in a high school bathroom. This is particularly disturbing when you learn that one of the 9th graders arrested was an 18 year old with a pending alien removal case. The other arrested has only been in the country for 8 months. The girl who was the victim of this alleged rape is only 14 years old. Today there is a vote in the Maryland House Of Delegates to further shelter those who are in the state illegally by declaring Maryland a sanctuary state. Contact your local representatives to ask them to vote no. A petition is also available here

One thought on “Prevent Maryland From Becoming a Sanctuary State”

  1. Don’t violate Federal law & don’t make Maryland a sanctuary state!! Your job is to keep your legal residents safe & take care of us 1st!


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