Irony Alert: LGBT Anger Over You Tube “Censorship”

A new hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty has been created by those on the left and in the lgbt community to protest censorship on youtube. The censorship they are referring to isn`t actually censorship however, it`s a glitch in filtering mature content in videos which causes some videos with lgbt content to be unavailable to users who are in restricted mode. Nevertheless they are in an uproar over what they see as being censorship. This is particularly ironic (and amusing watching them cry) seeing as how the left regularly advocates and even goes to the extremes of using violent activities to censor and shut down speech they disagree with. Censorship isn`t so appealing when the shoe is on the other foot huh, lol.

And this is not a post celebrating censorship of their ideas, it is one that calls out their hypocrisy and double standards. It’s my opinion that believe people are mature enough to engage in political discourse and come to their own conclusions about life. Unlike the left I do not believe in censorship in any form. Leftists however act like fascists who want to dictate what you can and cannot hear or watch. They basically treat you like a little kid who can`t hear bad words or watch scary movies. I guess it`s to be expected however since they act like little kids themselves with their temper tantrums

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