SJW`s To The Rescue! Wonder Woman Should Have Hairy Armpits & Milk Is Racist

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What are the latest outrages you ask? The first is feminists outrage over the new trailer for Wonder Woman. A couple seconds of the new online trailer shows that Wonder Woman has clean shaven armpits which has triggered feminists who insist that an amazon woman preparing for battle would have no time to shave. Furthermore they claim her clean shaven armpits are just catering to beauty standards meant to make her more attractive to men and that it is representative of patriarchal oppression.

What else is on the social justice warrior list of social and racist offenses? Well milk is. Yes milk is now racist.

One has to wonder how we would survive without leftists pointing out everything that is racist in society. View our past articles here for more SJW activism

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