Santa`s Husband Vs Traditional Children`s Books: The New Counter Culture

As stated by Paul Joseph Watson, you can`t be counter culture dissidents when you are the establishment. That brings us to today`s article- Santa`s Husband Vs. Traditional Children`s Books: The New Counter Culture.

Leftist infiltration in higher education and Hollywood as well as any other area of public manipulation has been solidified for a good 50-60 years now. Their agenda has become the mainstream and their targets are getting younger and younger. The last 10 years or so has seen the promotion of “alternative lifestyle” books and cartoons targeting grade school children. The latest example is a new children`s book titled Santa`s Husband which is being written by a member of the establishment- Daniel Kibblesmith a staff writer for Stephen Colbert`s late show. It depicts the real Santa Clause as a gay black man and is expected to go on sale shortly before Christmas this year. Funding and promotion from mainstream activist groups regularly use similar books to expose children to such lifestyles in elementary schools.

Now, this post isn`t to disparage anyone who embraces such lifestyles, it`s to point out that this supposed counter culture is in fact the mainstream culture and is pushed and encouraged by all mainstream arenas. Traditional books like Norse Mother`s Tales, Norhalla`s Norse Legends, and others published by Norhalla as well as similar publishers are now the new counter culture.

*Note: We do not have any background knowledge of the people running Norhalla or it`s business. This article was however inspired after seeing their ad promoting their books within the same time period as seeing national news promoting Santa`s Husband and Red Crayon Identifies As Blue.

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