Vicious Hate Crime Attack: Man Beaten With Hammer

Tracking hate crimes and interracial murders / attacks is not something we usually post about. However, every once in awhile it`s good to point out the double standards in mass media reporting. On the rare occasion that an interracial attack occurs involving a white suspect it becomes national news for weeks. Similar crimes when the roles are reversed are either ignored or chalked up as everyday random violence.

Once such glaring example of the double standards in mass media reporting is the complete national news blackout of a vicious hate crime attack in which a white man was attacked by a black woman with a hammer. The unprovoked attack happened at a gas station in Virginia when a black woman who said she was “sick of fancy white people” began attacking a man with a hammer. Had the roles been reversed this would be national news for days.

In similar news, while mass media focuses on the cowardly murder of a homeless black man by a white guy, several other interracial murders and attacks have occurred this past week alone. In an almost exact duplicate of this murder, a homeless suspected illegal immigrant was arrested for the murder of 34 year old Corrina Mehiel (a street artist and social justice activist) in Washington DC. She was found stabbed and tied up in her basement. Police reports said she was tortured as well. In Cincinnati 44 year old Jamie Urton was shot dead while begging for mercy after he accidentally struck a child with his vehicle. In Florida, 30 year old Ashley Hall was stabbed more than a dozen times by a black man who said he needed to make a sacrifice.

These are just a few of the stories from the past week or two that come through our feed on a regular basis. I`m sure there are plenty more that stay confined to their local news that are missed. Again this is to point out the double standards in mass media reporting and to question why whites are held to a standard that none others are. Mass media feigns outrage on the rare occasion a crime occurs by anyone white against another, yet anything else just gets a short mention buried within all the other news of the day. This includes the extremely high numbers of black men killed by other black men in inner city violence. You can check the actual numbers here but a recent article I saw said that something like 30 children have been killed in Chicago this year alone. Where is the media outrage on this?

If things are to change there needs to be an honest discussion on race as well as a change in mass media reporting. The idea that the world is infected with white racism while not holding others accountable for their actions does nothing more than create more divisions in society with every biased news story.

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