Was A Vogue Cover Model Murdered For Not Wearing Islamic Clothing? Will SJW`s Protest?

On March 29th Raudha Athif, a Muslim Maldivian model and second year medical student was found hung in her hotel room in Bangladesh. After initially being ruled a suicide, her family has come out and claimed she was murdered in part for wearing jeans at her college. Her father has said that ‘There have been a series of murders in Bangladesh which have been staged to look like suicides and Islamic extremists have been suspected to be behind these atrocities”.

While such murders of women occur throughout the Islamic world, we find it odd that women who fight against the virtually non existent oppression in Western society ignore the oppression that exists under the Islamic religion with some even going as far as seeking to convert to it (see Lindsay Lohan). That`s not to mention the fetishizing of their clothing as well. Singer Alicia Keyes recently deleted a photo of a woman in a niqab after receiving backlash including one woman who wrote “If you lived in a niqab-wearing society, and showed that leg, you’d be severely beaten. Signed, a Muslim woman.” We find it odd that social justice warriors and feminists not only do not address such issues but instead demand more immigration into European countries as well as feminists who claim to be against rape culture ignoring the reality that Sweden has basically become the rape capital of the world due to mass immigration.

In the end, it`s odd that the social justice crowd will create outrage over non existent matters while the suspected murder of someone who should be a hero to them like Raudha as well as the numerous so called honor killings of women in the Islamic religion do not receive attention from the tolerance crowd and mass media. Why is it only outlets on the right that address true women`s oppression?

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