Violent Fascists Shut Down Heather Mac Donald College Appearance

When your side has no argument and can`t hold a civilized discussion against an opposing view what else do you do? Use violence to get such things shut down because you`re too stupid to intellectually debate them. That is what leftists of today do. Just like the nazi`s burning books, they have taken up the brown shirts and seek to dumb us all down by destroying the democratic free exchange of ideas in place of a society where they dictate what you can and cannot think and say. They are the true enemies of freedom.

The recent violent protest against Heather Mac Donald`s speaking event at Clairemont College is yet another in a long string of attempts to silence opposing views by leftists. In the end the protest ultimately failed as the result was Mac Donald live streaming her talk and having it posted on Clairemont`s College home page. As is usual when you try to ban or censor something it ultimately makes more people interested. As stated in the article here “In the end, the effort to silence her voice effectively amplified it to a much larger audience.”

I`ll close this article with a quote from Heather Mac Donald about this incident, and it is something everyone needs to think about- “This is time for the faculty to wake up,” she said. “We are graduating a bunch of neo-totalitarianism and they’re going to take control of power. And they’re firmly convinced that a certain point of view is a form of violence and they’re therefore entitled to use violence to shut it down.”

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