Liberal Logic: Ban Cars To Stop Terrorism In Sweden

As quoted from our previous article on the police state being created in countries in Europe: “Countries across Europe as well as America who have suffered deadly attacks from people of foreign backgrounds continue to ignore the real problem of unchecked mass immigration. Instead they are creating safe spaces for their citizens. Because obviously it is more desirable to live in a country under a police state in which you can become a victim of terrorism then it is to enact a sensible policy of immigration…”

To further exemplify the idiocy of the leftist mindset, a Swedish newspaper has run an article suggesting that the way to stop terrorist attacks and create a “safe environment” in Stockholm is to ban cars. That these “effective murder machines… must simply be removed from city centres and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future”. You would think this would be an article from the onion but sadly this is the #LiberalLogic solution to real world problems.

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