Why Isn`t Mass Media Talking About The 11 Year Old Girl Murdered In The Sweden Terrorist Attack

Last weeks terrorist attack in Sweden in which an immigrant who had been scheduled to be deported last January drove a truck into a crowd of people claimed the life of 11 year old girl Ebba Akerlund who was walking home from school among his victims. This calls into question why mass media (who regularly run stories of children who are killed in atrocities) have not run any stories to memorialize her. I have to give credit to Paul Joseph Watson for pointing this out in the video below. At 2 minutes in he addresses the lack of coverage for Ebba, the children killed in the Nice attack as well as the children killed in the recent Egyptian church bombing and compares it to the coverage of children killed in other atrocities. It`s sad that the lives of children only matter to mass media when there is a political agenda behind it.

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