Meet The Conservative Student Activist Who Wants To ‘Make Campus Great Again’

This is a surprisingly good cnn article on a conservative activist. It’s great to see conservatives organizing the way the left has been doing for the last 50 or more years. This left organized on college campuses in the 60`s and the students went on to become business owners, politicians, social activists, educators, media employees etc all of which work hand in hand to advance their agenda. Conservatives need to organize and start their own network and such efforts by Ms. Cooley lay that groundwork. What I also love about this is her comment on using leftists own rules against them. That`s something we`ve always been in favor of. Reading Saul Alinsky`s- Rules For Radicals would be advantageous in this arena.

Meet the conservative student activist who wants to ‘make campus great again’

While American student activism has long been considered a leftist affair, Cooley is part of a push to amplify conservative voices on campuses amid what they call liberal attempts to silence their viewpoints.
“People get motivated when they get outraged,” said Morton Blackwell, founder of conservative incubator the Leadership Institute, which Cooley credits with making her the activist she is today. “There’s more conservative student activism going on because leftist activism is so outrageous.”

Full Article Here

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