Fake Hate Crime From “White America”

Earlier this month an Indian grocery store in Charlotte, North Carolina was vandalized and set on fire. A note was also left behind saying in part “Our newly elected president Donald Trump is our nation builder for white America. You all know that, we want our country back on the right track. We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians and all immigrants.” … “This is our warning. Leave the business and go back where you came from. If you don’t follow this warning then we are not responsible for the torture starting now. God Bless America… … … …White America”

As it turned out, and just like so many other supposed hate crimes, the man arrested and accused for this is not a White American.  32-year-old Curtis Flournoy a black man from the area, has been charged with burning of building of trade, malicious damage by use of an incendiary material, felony breaking and entering, ethnic intimidation and anonymous or threatening letters.

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