A Blog Readers Comment

We recently received an email from a reader- A Jeff Cummings as it was signed, who stated that they were a “conservative American man”, and then went on to bash our blog using typical biased liberal talking points. Our first thought was that this was not a conservative, and most likely not even a man.

A typical deceptive tactic in starting a debate is to identify with your opponents positions by claiming to be one of them and then proceed to chastise them on said positions. It is a psychological ploy to make the opponent feel guilt in their positions as well as sway public opinion by assigning themselves the moral high ground.

After being suspicious of Jeff Cummings, we did a quick google search for Jcummings3@gmail.com
All the search results came up as Julie Cummings. I even found her facebook page and as suspected it was a leftist woman.

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