Judge Allows Mostly White School District To Secede. Why The Controversy?

Nationwide on college campuses, poc are demanding their own safe space, their own dorms and housing, their own groups exclusive to them and exclusionary of whites. This is seen as just and fair. Personally, if it were not for the double standards in denying whites the same opportunities this wouldn`t be an issue. As we`ve stated many times, every group of people should be allowed to raise their own based on their traditions and customs and not be held back by the racism of others.

That being said, a new ruling that a mostly white Alabama school district is allowed to separate from the rest of the school district should be celebrated. Not only is it a victory for individual rights but it paves the way for legal victories in favor of the previously mentioned separations wanted by poc in colleges. The real silver lining however is that it removes an entire population of white racists from the school district. It`s our opinion that the judge is doing the rest of the school district a favor. Without all these white racists in the school district it should improve dramatically and succeed on all levels. What I don`t understand however is why people are protesting this. Everyday you hear about the racism of white people, yet they fight so hard against us when we want to separate from them and free them from our racism. Why is that?

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