Democrat: Don`t Charge Illegal Aliens With Crimes Because They Might Get Deported

Democrats and liberals use the talking point that deporting illegal immigrants separates them from their families and breaks families up, but as local talk show host C4 points out, arresting and sending regular Americans to jail for crimes also separates them from their families, so their point is invalid.

Democrats are a party of marxist activists who all come together to pressure and attack republicans ruthlessly to advance their socialist anti American agenda. The establishment republicans who don’t fight them need to be voted out. Republicans who do not fight against them need to be voted out.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Tells Prosecutors To Ease Off Charging Illegal Aliens With Crimes

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office wants prosecutors to reconsider charging illegal immigrants with non-violent crimes if they believe doing so will trigger “collateral consequences” that lead to deportation.

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