Racism At Bethune Cookman College. Betsy DeVos Booed And Heckled At Black College

Racism reared it`s ugly head once again on an American college campus. This time at Bethune Cookman College, a historically black college in Daytona Beach, Florida. Secretary of education Betsy DeVos (a white lady) was to speak to congratulate the students on their graduation, but as she took the podium she was met with boo`s and heckling. Many of the black students also got up and turned their backs as well as raised the black power fist.

This type of intolerance should be unacceptable in a college. The college should issue an apology as well as mandate diversity and sensitivity training to all incoming students. Affirmative action measures should also be applied to equal out the number of non black students to diversify the college, lest they want to continue to turn this kind of ignorance into the world upon graduation. What`s equally disturbing is seeing all the comments in support of this racism on liberal facebook pages. It shows the marxist hatred the left hides hide under their calls for equality.

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