Amy Schumer The Latest Victim Of Leftist Cannibalism

Haha reacts to this story only. It couldn`t happen to a better person đŸ˜€

Leftist “comedian” Amy Schumer hasn`t had a good go this year. Back in March she did her first live stream stand up comedy routine for netflix which was was supposed to be a big hit for her and netflix but it turned out to be a bomb. Her show received so many negative reviews that netflix wound up doing away with it`s rating system. Aside from this she was also accused of joke stealing not only for this special but in her routine all together (Video Here).

Her latest woe comes as her new movie Snatched is being attacked by her own liberal ilk for being racist and xenophobic. When you have someone like Amy Schumer who is held up on such a high pedestal by the liberal left now being attacked by them you have a true comedy show to laugh about.

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