Is Joan Of Arc The Next Target For Take ‘Em Down NOLA?

This is why you don’t cave to liberal demands. They`ll never stop.

After winning the battle to culturally cleanse New Orleans of Confederate monuments, the reconstruction crowd has moved on to new targets. The latest target is the Joan Of Arc statue in the French Quarter which was vandalized with the words Tear It Down spraypainted on it. Read more here

Orlando has become the next battlefield for cultural cleansing as a movement by a David Porter has been started to remove the Confederate soldier statue at Lake Eola Park. The Orlando Libertarian Party are leading the fight against this removal.

It should also be stated that this movement to destroy all remnants of the Confederacy started full steam after Dylan Roof cowardly murdered members of a black congregation in a South Carolina church. On the other hand, after numerous attacks and murders from people of Islamic backgrounds there has been no such calls for their cultural cleansing. It doesn`t take a lot of intelligence to see the agenda here.

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