This Week In Fake News

Democrats and mass media went overtime this week with their Trump derangement syndrome and publishing of outright lies against his administration. The leftists meltdown under Trump is in full effect and it`s rather humorous to watch. As one commenter said, “If all Trump does in his 8 years as President, is show Americans how insane the left is, then he will be the greatest man who ever lived.”

Here`s a short list of this past weeks democrat meltdowns and media lies:

Democrats and msm were outraged saying that  Trump fired Comey because the FBI had asked for more funds for their Russian probe. That this was a constitutional crisis and brought up grounds for impeachment the same way Watergate did as they`ve already repeated several times in the last 5 months. It turns out this request for more funds was false.

MSM took another pot shot at Sean Spicer this past week laughing and mocking him with repeated news reports that he was hiding in the bushes from reporters after the firing of Comey. This “news” was fake

It was also widely reported that the new Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit for being blamed for Comey`s firing. This turned out to be fake news. Furthermore, a caller into a local radio show stated he was talking to Rosenstein about the media circus around this. He said Mr Rosenstein has said that mass media is saying he has said things he never said. While they may be fooling the American public, it`s great that those who matter see the lies and corruption. Hopefully steps will be taken to address it

Maxine Waters who recently said Comey has no credibility immediately attacked Donald Trump for his firing of Comey. She said she would have supported Hillary firing him though. Democrats in general who were against Comey immediately switched their positions after his firing. In an unrelated but similar bi polar position, a lawyer for the aclu said Trump`s travel ban would be constitutional if another president had ordered it.

In what can be called the most laughable article of the week, cnn ran a story on ice cream gate, dedicating air time discussing how Donald Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream while everyone else gets one. This is the pathetic current state of news.

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