Impeach Maxine Waters Hashtag

#ImpeachMaxine is a hashtag going around in opposition to congresswoman Maxine Waters. Her opponents state that while she repeatedly calls for the impeachment of President Trump, it is her that needs to go and have started the #ImpeachMaxine hashtag. Her seat in congress is also being challenged. Republican challenger Omar Navarro recently announced his campaign in front of her $3.9 million out of district mansion

Maxine Waters is on the news almost daily making claims many of her opponents call out of touch. While she`s also repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump by tying every conspiracy theory she can to Russia, she recently admitted there is no actual evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Think about that for a moment, you have a US congresswoman calling for the impeachment of a freely elected president based on her own conspiracy theories. You need to look no further to see who the true threats to our democracy and free elections are. #ImpeachMaxine

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