Louis Smith (Activist Who Cries Racism) Allegedly Hurling Racist Slurs On Video

Via The South Carolina Secessionist Party



Man Who Is Complaining About Racism Calls Reenactors “Crackas”

The South Carolina Secessionist Party has been provided a video from an anonymous source which appears to show Mr. Louis Smith of Summerville approaching a group of Confederate Reanactors and using racial slurs against them.

Keep in mind, this is the same man that only two weeks ago called for The Sons of Confederate Veterans to be investigated as terrorists, claiming the organization is racist and bigotted. Mr. Louis Smith attempts to claim the moral highground by playing a victim while he himself is the only one during this entire ordeal in Summerville that has been shown to harbor or express any racist sentiments.

We ask that you share this video so that people across the United States can bear witness to the fact that the hate and vitriol, more often than not, comes from those attacking the Confederate Flag, not those defending it.

Watch The Video Here

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