Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Shutting Down White Owned Ethnic Food Restaurants

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What is the latest outrage you ask? Well that would be when two white entrepreneurs open a burrito shop in liberal Portland. Apparently the great American melting pot where all diverse cultures come together to blend into one only applies to European culture being blended away. According to social justice warrior theory all others must be preserved and only perpetrated by people of the culture they belong to. As you may have guessed by now the burrito shop was forced to shut down after the rabid left attacked them for cultural appropriation. It`s a shame that a business started by two women was forced to shut down by the same people who claim to champion women`s rights and support women in the workplace.

But wait, there`s more.

After driving out one food establishment for cultural appropriation, the Portland social justice warriors made a list of all the restaurants owned by whites who serve “non white food” in Portland. As ridiculous as this sounds, I actually find it pretty funny considering most of these businesses in Portland are probably run by liberals themselves. One wonders though why it is only European Americans that are targeted. Why aren`t restaurants run by non whites who serve pizza, hotdogs, or even fried chicken (who`s cultural roots are Scottish / Irish) being targeted as well? Is cultural appropriation truly a movement to preserve the uniqueness of one`s culture or is it a marxist tool used solely to attack European Americans?

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