The Recent Murders Being Blacked Out. Why Are Some More Important Than Others?

Tracking hate crimes and interracial murders / attacks is not something we usually post about. However, every once in awhile it`s good to point out the double standards in mass media reporting. On the rare occasion that an interracial attack occurs involving a white suspect it becomes national news for weeks. Similar crimes when the roles are reversed are either ignored or chalked up as everyday random violence.

There are 2 glaring examples right now being run by mass media. The first is the murder of two men in Portland by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter, and the second is the murder of a black man here in Maryland by a white suspect. Both of these stories are still being run non stop and you`d think they were the only murders that has happened in America. It should be noted that in the Maryland case no motive has been established yet that I am aware of, however since the man had an alt right page that he liked on facebook he has been tried in the court of public opinion as being guilty of a hate crime. We have to wonder however why mass media is sensationalizing these two stories while covering up others equally or more horrific.

While the Portland murder by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter is till in the news, an almost duplicate murder happened in Chicago where a black man was arrested for allegedly cutting the throat and killing a white female actress and mother of two. Why hasn`t this story received national news?

A spree shooting earlier this month has also been blacked out of the media. This one happened in Ruffin, South Carolina not far from Charleston. A black man shot a white family of four including a 13 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. The 9 year old was the only survivor. Why hasn`t this mass murder made national news?

Finally in what can be described as nothing but a horrific disgusting murder, 8 month old Reese Bowman was allegedly tortured and murdered by a 23 year old black female who was her daycare worker. This story has been completely blacked out nationally. Locally the media outlets are only focusing on one of these hate crimes, the one that was mentioned at the beginning of this post. Why is that?

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