24 Yr Old Black Man Lights 69 Yr Old White Man On Fire In Dennys. Why Did This Attack In Oregon Not Receive National News?

Everyone has seen the non stop coverage of the Bernie Sanders supporter who went on a rant on a train in Portland before stabbing and killing two people. What you probably didn`t hear about was the horrific attempted murder that happened less than a month and a half earlier. This story involves 69 year old Scott Ranstrom (a white man) who was in a Denny`s restaurant when 24 year old DeShaun James Swanger came in and threw gasoline on him and lit him on fire. Despite being an interracial attack between two people who did not know each other, the sheriff`s office was quick to note that this was not being investigated as a hate crime.

I wonder if there was any investigation into DeShaun`s personal life, what pages he “liked” on facebook, what political affiliations he might have had, if anyone close to him had ever heard him talking negatively of white people, what kind of music he listened to and if there were any anti white messages in it, etc. These are the things that come up whenever the situation is reversed. Had this been a white guy who set a black man on fire for no reason it would be national news as well as being investigated as a hate crime, yet this received neither.

What`s even more disturbing was that there was a duplicate attack less than a week before this in which a man in a movie theater doused another man with gasoline and set him on fire as well. You`d think such a horrific trend happening in the same area would be top news. This dishonest and biased reporting by mass media in which some victims are more important then others does a great disservice to the state of race relations in the country.

I did not find a current update but the last update noted that Scott Ranstrom was still in critical condition at the burn center in Portland, Oregon. If anyone whould like to contribute There is a gofundme page for Scott Ranstrom here

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