Football Hooligan Battles London Terrorists. Shouts “F*ck You, I`m Millwall!”

This is the guy social media should be celebrating and aspiring to emulate, not the guy running away with his beer. Then again the guy running away with his beer represents most of those that praised him.

After the London terrorist attack, a  picture started circulating on social media of a man running away from the attacks with a beer in his hand. Commenters started saying how great it was, that he is the face of resistance in London, that he represents London pride, and a bunch of other comments that praise the weakness of their spirit. On the other hand, 47 year old Roy Larner was in the bar when the terrorists burst and started stabbing people. Instead of grabbing his beer and running away, Roy Larner shouted “Fuck you, I`m Millwall!” and confronted them battling them with his bare hands so that other patrons could escape. Mr. Larner was stabbed 8 times in his head, neck and arms and is currently in the hospital recovering. This is the kind of spirit and resistance that should be praised and emulated, not weakness based around self indulgence.

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