Shaun King Issued DNA Challenge. Clay Travis Will Donate $50k If He Is More Than 25% Black

The other week we posted about V.A. Shiva, the Indian challenger to Elizabeth Warren`s seat issuing a dna challenge to her on behalf of her claims to be Indian. At the beginning of the post we stated that someone should also issue this challenge to Shaun King, who has been nicknamed Talcum X due to his predominately European features.

Well it looks like our wish has come true. As posted by the Daily Caller (Full article here) : “Outspoken sports pundit Clay Travis trolled Shaun King hard Wednesday morning by making him an charity offer in exchange for a DNA test.
Travis tweeted, “Hey @shaunking, I’ll give $50k to Colin Kaepernick’s charity if you take a DNA test and are more than 25% black.”

How about it Shaun?

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