Culturally Appropriated Hairstyles

Cultural appropriation has become the marxist lefts new attack on European Americans. They say it is offensive for people to take parts of other culture`s that aren`t theirs and incorporate them into their own. It seems odd however that while they say it is for preserving the uniqueness of one`s culture, it is only European Americans who are charged with this heinous offense.

When it comes to cultural appropriation, hairstyles have become one of the bigger offenses. There was the case of a black female employee at San Francisco University who assaulted a white guy on the basis of culturally appropriating a hairstyle because he had dreadlocks. (Video Here). There are plenty more cases like this and just today there is an article about Katy Perry whining and apologizing for the way she wore her hair in her new video.

It`s our opinion that if cultural appropriation must be addressed for one group of people it needs to be addressed by all as instanced by the picture below. We`ll wait and see how many on the left cry foul for this because we all know that if it weren`t for double standards they wouldn`t have any at all.

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