Antifa Member Allegedly Stabs Sampson The Police Horse In The Neck

23 year old Lisa Simon was arrested in Harrisburg this past weekend after allegedly stabbing Sampson the police horse in the neck with a flagpole that had a nail in the top. The incident occurred at a March Against Sharia in which members of antifa went to protest. The ironic thing is that Sharia law is extremely regressive when it comes to women`s rights, yet here she was protesting those who were protesting against it. So basically she is there advocating for the patriarchy and her own enslavement, but then again no one said these people are the smartest of the bunch. Due to the alleged attack she is being held on $100,000 bail. It`s our opinion that she should have a psychiatric exam as well seeing as how it is generally a warning sign of future violent behavior when people do harm to animals.

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