Ban Democrats From Owning Guns?

This link is to an old article titled “Why Are All Mass Murderers Democrats?” but it`s worth a reposting considering recent events. The article is from Joe For America and was posted in 2014 and gives a list of mass shooters over the years and points out that most are democrats. Let`s also not forget the bernie bro who killed two people on a train in Portland.

It also makes the point that when it comes to gun bans that democrats should be the ones banned from owning them. Banning guns is a resounding call of democrats, but when looking at the violent events they perpetrate it would seem that banning democrats from owning guns would be more apt. With their history of violence it can be said that democrats just want to disarm you so they can terrorize you much the same way as unarmed innocents are targeted in most big cities with gun bans. To take that one step further, there`s also the argument that a lot of leftists hold the philosophies of communist leaders who have killed millions close to their hearts. All of these arguments make a good case for why it is democrats who should be unarmed while decent law abiding Americans should be able to protect themselves.

Read the list of democrat violence from Joe For America here 

*Note: Unlike the radical left, obviously I do not advocate restricting the Constitutional rights of Americans. This article is posted mostly in jest in response to leftist / democrat playing the victim role and trying to take the moral high ground while openly taking the low road.

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