Professor Lisa Durden Suspended After Belligerent Appearance On Tucker Carlson Tonight

A hallmark call from the left has always been to demand integration, inclusiveness and acceptance, however todays sjw`s only demand this on their own terms. The revile at anything Eurocentric, yet demand their own segregated identity oriented activities.

Professor Lisa Durden who has been one of the more animated guests appearing on the Tucker Carlson show was on to discuss one of these activities- the racist segregated black only Memorial Day event in Brooklyn. Tucker began questioning her about these “one law for them another law for us” policies to which she replied in a belligerent (and in our opinion anti white) rant. Video below.

After this appearance, although it was not mentioned in the letter, she was suspended indefinitely from her position at Essex County College with the college issuing the statement “The college promotes a community of unity that is inclusive of all,”. In yet another “one law for us another law for them” move, people are crying foul saying that college`s are supposed to be places for critical thinking as well as cries that she has a 1st amendment right to espouse her views. Just keep in mind that these are the same people who demand those with whom they do not agree with be forced from colleges as well as wanting to suspend their 1st amendment rights. Once again, leftists have become a victim of their own tactics and as we said before this can go two ways- it can show the left the error of their ways, or the new resistance will keep growing and using their rules against them.

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