Trump Assassination Play Interrupted. Resist

They call it the resistance, what it really is is a violent reaction to the democratic process when it doesn`t go in their favor. It is also a violent reaction to speech that they do not like while at the same time espousing violence and obscenities in their own speech. Now a new resistance is taking shape by those tired of the left`s violence and anti American rhetoric. We`ve seen it with the counter protestors who confront the violent terrorist antifa hordes who attack people at rallies, we see it in the people who confront democrats at town halls, we see it in the voting booth, and now we see it in confronting the left`s own violent speech. A play based on Julius Ceasar that depicts the assassination of President Trump was interrupted by Laura Loomer of Rebel Media who took the stage shouting “Stop leftist violence!”. It was filmed by Jack Posobiec also of Rebel Media who shouted “You’re all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels”. Two days later on it`s closing night the show was interrupted again by protestors who took the stage yelling “Liberal hate kills!” and “Goebbels would be proud”.

Not to just hit them in person, after being put on blast by media outlets Fox and Breitbart, Bank of America and Delta pulled out of sponsorship of the play.

On a personal note, we don`t agree with censorship or other underhanded tactics used by the left in the suppression of speech etc, but they have set the rules and are now getting a taste of their own medicine. This trend can go two ways- it can show the left the error of their ways, or the new resistance can keep growing and piling on the heat. #Resist

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