Marxist Media Outlets Try Hard To Create Story About White Racism And Fail

A sad story out of Virginia in which a 17 year old girl was murdered (and possibly raped before hand) was national news last week, but not for the murder itself. The marxist media immediately started claiming this murder was a hate crime that must have been perpetrated by a white Trump supporter. Why? Because the girl- Nabra Hassanen and her friends were dressed in traditional muslim clothing and were walking to a mosque. As it turned out, an illegal alien- Darwin Martinez Torres was later picked up for the murder. This essentially killed the media narrative and the story in general as illegal aliens are one of media`s protected classes and any wrong doing by them are covered up or attempted to be explained away.

The narrative also becomes more displaced as it seems the situation leading up to the murder may have been escalated by one of the guys who was with Nabra throwing a drink at Torres`s vehicle while arguing with him. After essentially dropping the story, several leftist marxist media outlets immediately picked it back up after it was learned that the memorial for Nabra was set on fire. In an attempt to once again try to link this story to white racism, several facebook outlets were prefacing the story with statements like- “This is Trump`s America”. As it turned out the fire had nothing to do with the memorial.

Just like going 0-5 in the special elections the left has failed again. Plenty on the fringe left give Donald Trump grief for popularizing the idea that mass media is #FakeNews but with antics like this it`s pretty self evident.

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