Liberals Opened Pandora`s Box And Are Now Falling Victim To Their Own Playbook

The Pandora`s Box the left has opened with their anti American agenda to suppress free speech has started to consume them. Several quick stories here

We put up the story the other day about Lisa Durden being suspended from Essex County College after a belligerent tirade on the Tucker Carlson show. Liberals believe that anyone who`s speech they do not agree with needs to be punished while expecting that they themselves be immune from the same consequence. While we here at Label 56 do believe in free speech for all, we can only say it is a bit of karma when they themselves fall victim to their own playbook. Some other recent stories  include Phil Montag, the Nebraska democrat party official who was fired after he said he was glad Steve Scalise was shot and wished he was f*cking dead. In Delaware, the University of Delaware has said they will not renew the contract of Professor Katherine Dettwyler, who recently claimed that the late Otto Warmbier “got exactly what he deserved.” There`s also Kathy Griffin who lost her job at cnn as well as comedy gigs after her isis inspired stunt of holding up a decapitated head of President Trump.

In other arenas, the left has regularly disrupted town halls from Republicans, even busing in people from out of town to do so. Republicans have adopted this tactic now and have been actively confronting democrats at their own. See here and here. Protests and sit ins are yet another street level assault the left has used. It`s being used against them now. Recently a play depicting the assassination of President Trump was disrupted on two separate nights, and activists in North Carolina held a sit in at a Starbucks after a woman was mocked for wearing a shirt supporting President Trump.

Perhaps the biggest target of the left has been to try and take out mass media outlets they do not like. They had Bill O`Reilly successfully removed from Fox News and then went on to attack Sean Hannity, with the end goal to destroy Fox News altogether. Info Wars was another outlet targeted. Now as it turns out, CNN is on the hot seat as activists from Project Veritas have exposed them for pushing an agenda rather than honest media. There are also now calls for CNN to have their White House press credentials revoked for doing so.

Once again, this is the Pandora`s Box the left has opened. As we said before, we don`t agree with censorship or other underhanded tactics used by the left in the suppression of speech etc, but they have set the rules and are now getting a taste of their own medicine and for now we are fine with that. We hope however that this shows the left the error of their ways.

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