DOJ To Investigate Discrimination In College Admissions

For this article the phrase ‘Equality Is A False God’ is being extended to ‘affirmative action in college admissions is a false god’. The idea that someone less qualified for a position makes that position better is the communist socialist policy of the destruction of excellence. When it is applied to the educational sector it not only destroys the standard of the school by lowering gpa averages and forcing schools to change the curriculum in order to accommodate the lower standards, but it hurts the people who were put into that standard who are not up to par to be able to thrive in it. One article we commented on in the past is from a black teacher in Minnesota who discusses how blaming racism in order to coddle students who are not adept to thriving in the school hurts them rather than helps. The same goes for people admitted into colleges that they are not qualified for as they struggle to compete and drop out. Such scenarios are said to being looked into by the Justice Department in order to stop discrimination in college admissions. Marxists try to make this a white vs black issue, but in reality it is Asian students who are routinely discriminated against by these policies as well.

In nature there is no equality. To force an equality social experiment on humans impedes scientific, medical and technological advances and as the bar is continuously lowered will eventually lead us to Idiocracy

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