Illegal Aliens Brutally Rape Women In 2 Sanctuary Cities. Residents Now Want Sanctuary Status Revoked

Burien city in suburban Washington State passed a law declaring themselves a sanctuary city in January. Residents now want this status revoked after an alleged brutal rape of a 19 year old woman by an illegal alien “dreamer”. The illegal alien Salvador Diaz-Garcia also faces child molestation charges for allegedly assaulting a 14 year old.

In another sanctuary city, this one being Portland Oregon, Sergio Jose Martinez, an illegal alien who had been deported 20 times is accused of assaulting 2 women. One of his victims was 65 years old. His charges include robbery, kidnapping, burglary and sexual abuse.

Liberals (who always put emotion over logic) will say that their illegal alien status had nothing to do with it, that people are regularly raped and assaulted by American citizens. But the fact is that if it weren`t for their sanctuary city policy these criminals would not have been here to commit these horrific crimes in the first place.

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