Essex Police: Only Cowards Carry

Essex Police (Britain) have set up a bin for people to throw away unwanted knives in a new campaign to tackle knife crime called “Only Cowards Carry”. Because of Britain`s strict gun ownership rights, knives and swords have become the weapon of choice for terrorists and criminals and knives being used in everyday crimes are fairly frequent. Based on the fact that criminals do not follow rules, the correct slogan for the campaign should be called “Only Victims Disarm Themselves”.

Once again the complete disconnect is shown between those who rule over us with the thinking that those who wish to harm others would disarm themselves. Or is it their plan to make ourselves helpless to defend ourselves?? Btw, the photo gallery for this indoctrination campaign 99% only shows British people of European stock, so what is the real goal here?

This hysteria over knives in Britain looks exactly like the campaign used in America for gun control with news headlines like- Online knife sales face tough new restrictions as crime rate rises, Checks failing to stem knife crime, Home deliveries of knives bought online to be banned in UK, Street blades like ‘zombie knives’ are to be outlawed under a dramatic new crackdown and more.

Even the photo below looks exactly like the ones here in which police confiscate guns. The campaign to “make us safe” will never stop, it will keep moving into something new and is meant to turn us into complete subservient victims. Common sense needs to be restored to government, criminals need to be dealt with accordingly and stand your ground self defense needs to be a right nationwide. Resist the push to make yourself a victim and support organizations and politicians fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights, because if the other side wins the only thing you`ll be allowed to carry is a dildo.

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