Project F*ck Zuck 2020

Conservative street artist Sabo is at it again. Back in February he received national attention for trolling the Oscars with a series of posters mocking the awards show that were plastered all over Hollywood just 48 hours before it started. This time, with reports of Mark Zuckerberg`s potential 2020 presidential run, he has started a F*ck Zuck 2020 campaign. A presidential run is just a rumor right now, but it`s our opinion that the facebook founder won`t gain much support even with his liberal left leanings because of the massive censorship and privacy invasions facebook imposes on people, including liberal leftists themselves. Nevertheless, if you want to help shut it down before it begins check out Sabo`s site here for F*ck Zuck 2020 posters and bumper stickers

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