Charlottesville Perspective

For the record we did not attend the rally this past weekend and had it gone off without a hitch there would probably be little to no mention of it in our blog. However the appalling civil rights violations that occurred in Charlottesville as well as the way mass media is distorting it and showing blatant double standards has implored us to point them out. We are posting this piece which was written for us by a guest writer who has libertarian leanings.

Charlottesville Perspective

What was the Charlottesville rally?  It was a demonstration in opposition to a Confederate war memorial being removed.  In the grander scheme of things, removal of Confederate monuments are the perpetuation of the radical lefts agenda to rewrite history, administer the false pretense of social justice, and erase Western Civilization, one piece of stone at a time.  Targeting the monuments is now seen as an easy target, due mainly to drawing fabricated conclusions between unrelated events.  South Carolina was the beginning.  Blaming a flag for the actions of a killer is equally as ridiculous as blaming music for gang violence.  What started with a flag has turned to monuments.  What will it be next that will be determined as racist and unfit for polite society?

While you may not agree with the vast array of speakers from the event or the way that they relay their message, this demonstration should be recognized as it was intended.  The message has been distorted by the mass media, essentially calling everyone in attendance a Nazi.  While nearly all of the participants were indeed Caucasian, there should be no argument that they should have the same respect as any another group that has a focus on Identity Politics.  Unfortunately, the age of political correctness and social justice says that it’s wrong to have an identity that isn’t minority or immigrant.

Who is Charlottesville?  Last year Charlottesville was the second most Democratic political subdivison in Virginia.  The entire government in the city is leftist, but there’s something special to be said about Vice Mayor Bellamy, who was a driving force behind the fiasco this past weekend.  His wearing of Black Panther attire to the closed meeting to stop the rally says a lot, but going back it calls into question what his real motives are.  He has tweeted “I don’t like white people”, “If she moan it aint rape”, “I hate black people who act white”.  Why are “white people” not expected to have a defensive response?  Where are the social justice warriors to fight against “rape culture”?  Meanwhile, Virginia’s senator, and former Vice Presidential candidate,  Tim Kaine tweeted about unity while he praises his own son for being a member of Antifa, which has been classified as a domestic terrorist organization.  Kaine’s son was recently charged with alleged disruption of a rally, obstructing legal process, fleeing on foot, and concealing identity in relation throwing smoke grenades into a peaceful assembly at the state capital in Minnesota.

Antifa were the main agitators that the media calls “counter protesters”, along with Black Lives Matter.  Acting on orders from the city government, the police department was told to stand down, forcing the participants in the permitted Unite The Right rally through the counter protesters in full anticipation of the conflict that would ensue.  Any blood that was spilled that day was a direct result of these actions.  They hadn’t been able to stop the rally by revoking the permit, or changing it.  A federal court order mandated that the city uphold its original permit.  The only thing left to prevent the speakers from holding their event was to ensure chaos, declare a state of emergency, and throw blame at the “evil racists” that they forced them into a position to defend themselves.   The rally was illegally shut down due to the actions of Charlottesville city and the police department.  The media bought it hook, line, and sinker.  The coverage of “white supremacists” violently attacking the poor, innocent counter protests is a farce.  Even the right wing media outlets jumped on the bandwagon.  It’s setting the precedent to deny assembly of targeted groups in the future.  If you don’t think the way they say you should, they’ll shut you down by any means necessary.

Based on this people will say “Oh you must support nazis!”, well no, but this is America and I support the 1st Amendemnt Right that is guaranteed to us all. Again, you can disagree with the messengers, but you should see discrimination for what it is – the violation of the civil right to peacefully demonstrate based on politics.  That fact alone should leave you outraged.  Just like the Confederate monuments being removed because they are “racist”, you are being sold the same narrative in this case.  While it may be true that the majority of Conservative Americans don’t support those at the demonstration, just remember that the left doesn’t differentiate.

One thought on “Charlottesville Perspective”

  1. In reply to Charlottesville Perspective: This is such bullshit and INSANITY! I really believe antifa, and the Left want people to “act out” so they can blame it on Pres. DT. This country is going down way faster than I thought possible, and something needs to change.., NOW ! Regardless of political views, young men fought and died for the Confederate Flag, and those young men are ancestors of modern Americans. Doesn’t that count for anything ? We are supposed to be sympathetic for inner city criminals because “they didn’t have opportunities, or a father”, but normal WORKING CLASS AMERICANS ain’t worth a shit to these punk politicians! I can’t believe they have mayors who openly hate WHITE people in this country, but you can’t even protest peacefully when it is for something that these fools don’t agree with. I hate to think , or even say this, but our AMERICA is gone, I just hope we can manage to see a better day ? DIRTY WHITE BOY 86’D 4-LIFE


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