The ‘Tear It Down’ List

Just in case you thought this was just about Confederate Monuments.

Republican candidate Corey Stewart who is challenging Tim Kaine for his seat in Virginia has a great breakdown on how the final goal is to get rid of the Constitution. Video on his facebook page here

The Tear It Down List

This list will obviously be updated as the mob mentality grows

 New York Subway System To Remove Tiles That ‘Look Like’ Confederate Flag

Confederate re-enactors pepper sprayed during parade in NC

Chicago pastor wants George Washington statue torn down. He also wants Washington`s name as well as Andrew Jackson`s name removed from parks.

Al Sharpton wants to defund the Jefferson Memorial

Protestors in Atlanta try to tear down Peace Memorial mistaking it for Confederate Memorial

Abraham Lincoln Statue burned in Chicago

CNN pundit calls for removal of all Washington, Jefferson monuments

Lincoln Memorial in DC vandalized

Democrat calls for destruction of Stone Mountain

Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt

Philly mayor to discuss removal of Frank Rizzo statue

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