Mass Media Silent On Racial Killing Spree

You`d think that the mass media and social justice warriors who demand justice for victims of racial crimes would be in an uproar over this, yet there has been complete silence. If you don’t see their agenda yet you`re not paying attention

Black Man Who Wanted to ‘Kill all white people’ Accused of White Killing Spree

A black man who once claimed he wanted to “kill all white people” has been arrested in Missouri under the suspicion he killed five white men in cold blood.

Two first-degree murder charges were filed Tuesday against Kansas City resident Frederick Demond Scott, 22, who police also suspect of killing three other people on a walking trail near his home.

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One thought on “Mass Media Silent On Racial Killing Spree”

  1. In reply to Mass Media Silent On Racial Killing Spree: What a double standard ! If a white boy said he wanted to kill all black people there would be an uproar, let alone do it, but this punk whacks out 5 white’s and not a peep. I am so tired of the hypocrisy that is going on nowadays.., why isn’t CNN reporting this ? Oh I wonder.., I guess it doesn’t fit their “agenda” ! If we continue to kiss ass over things that we did not do ( we as in the living ) then things will always be skewed, but that’s probably the way it’s supposed to go.., right ? WFTW/ DWB 86′ 4-LIFE


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