Stefan Molyneux Interviews Former Antifa Member

In this interview Stefan Molyneux talks to a former member of antifa in what can be described as a psychologist to patient styled interview. It starts out analyzing his family life and upbringing and after some discussion and questioning the former member about others in antifa he theorizes that antifa members have daddy issues and are just white knighting for their mom`s irresponsible choices.

The discussion then gets into the former members past involvement in antifa and why he came to leave the group. Among other things the realization that antifa are fake rebels. Some quotes from the show:

Former antifa member: “You think you`re a rebel, that you`re fighting against the dominant culture. You really believe that in your heart of hearts. Then you discover wait, you are the dominant culture. You`re just a shock troop.”

Stefan in reference to how this culture permeates academia replies “Nothing says rebellion like tenor.”

A bit later while discussing how the lies mass media pushed about the Trayvon Martin story helped wake him up the former antifa member says “I thought the guys in the radical left were way out here, fighting against the establishments. No, turns out we`re the establishments idiot shock troops.”

All in all it`s a good interview and ends with them discussing the need to create an outlet for people who are involved with antifa and want to get out.

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