Venezuela Is Demanding Freedom Against A Tyrannical Regime

Communism is not healthy for children and other living things

It`s kind of ironic to watch the left go on and on about “nazis” while ignoring the fact that there is only one totalitarian form of government that still exists in the world, the one that has killed up to 100 million people since the beginning of the 1900`s. If you don`t see the agenda of the left you`re not paying attention

Venezuela Is Demanding Freedom Against A Tyrannical Regime

It has been 169 years since Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, 100 years since the Bolshevik revolution, 27 years since the Berlin Wall fell, and 25 years since Francis Fukuyama published his famous declaration of The End of History.

“Yet today in Venezuela, communism is destroying my nation. The communist regime is murdering the opposition, incarcerating anyone who believes in a better future and spreading misery to the entire country. We are living in the worst economic, social, and political crisis in our 206 years of history as a republic”

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