Identity Politics In The Mainstream, The Left Has Opened Pandora`s Box

In America, identity politics has been used by democrats to alienate people into groups and push them into a voting base in democrat`s favor. In America, this use of identity politics is justified as being necessary in order to protect the rights of each group of people who they say are being discriminated against. In America however there is one group of people who are not allowed to use identity politics in order to address grievances or defend themselves as a group politically and socially. This is because identity politics stems from the late 50`s / early 60`s (((communist))) fronted civil rights groups and their desire was to use all the other groups to foment a revolution to overthrow Western civilization.

The irony of identity politics is that when you single out a group of people to attack and discriminate, it`s only going to take so long before you force them together and they start to see themselves collectively as well. MMA fighter Michael Bisping who is quoted here as saying “Although, these days, white people seem to be, we seem to be suffering a bit of racism. It’s almost a sin to be white these days, because we’re over-privileged, just because the color of our skin” is one such recent example. This is a man I`m sure is not racist in any such way; however, the use of  identity politics against whites has forced him to at least speak out in defense of his identity. It wasn`t so long ago that making any kind of comment in defense of white identity would be completely off the table, but now it has gotten so bad that it is being openly talked about even by people in the mainstream.

A recent article by salon addresses this as well and they postulate that it is time the left gives up on identity politics saying “It had seemed to me inevitable, from the beginning, that white nationalism would arise as a necessary outgrowth if liberals kept up with their identity politics obsession, and that is precisely where we find ourselves“.

Yes salon, the hatred of the left has had the opposite effect of what you hoped for, you have unwittingly opened Pandora`s Box.

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