Congressional Resolution Against Racism And Violence, But Only For One Group Of People

After a free speech rally was unlawfully shut down in Charlottesville last month and police stood aside while violent alt left members attacked the attendees, a life was tragically lost in the ensuing melee. While the blame for this tragedy clearly holds more than one responsible party it has been those who had their civil rights violated and were forced to defend themselves who are being solely blamed. Aside from these issues, the entire situation behind the death of Heather Heyer is now in question. The original story was that she was killed when a man purposely drove into a crowd of alt left protestors. Video later confirmed that the man`s car was hit by a protestor at which time he sped up. Alt left protestors are known for attacking and beating people in cars so an attempt to get away (while as far as the law is concerned is probably a reckless act) is imo justified. The narrative also changes once again when you see this video of Heather`s mom saying that she died of a heart attack.

Despite multiple questions around this event, complicity by the local government, violent alt left protestors who admitted to starting the violence and more, the push continues to attack and censor one sole group of people based on their politics. Tuesday congress passed a joint resolution asking President Trump to condemn the violence at the Charlottesville rally and also urges him to speak out about racism- but only for one group of people. Meanwhile, we wonder if there will be any condemnation about the violent racism being espoused in this rap video in which a white child is hung. Many other examples aside, I did not hear any condemnation from congress when four blacks tortured a mentally disabled white man using President Trump`s name. There was also no resolution when a violent Bernie Bro shot Republican congressional members on a baseball field.

President Trump was justified in his original statement on Charlottesville when condemning both sides for violence. To single out one group of people for actions that were set off by opposing forces while ignoring mountains of examples from the other side is disingenuous.

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