Racist Rap Video Shows White Child Being Hung / Murdered

While censorship against politically incorrect ideas has reached full critical idiotic mass, violence and racism being perpetrated against Europeans is completely ignored. While websites are being flushed down the memory hole and internet monopolies like youtube and google are using financial terrorism to enforce thought control, extremely violent racist videos like the one below are ignored. The left could completely delete every “white supremacist” website on the internet, but the simple fact is that things like the video below do more for encouraging white nationalism than any white supremacist website ever will.

Gangster rapper depicts white child being lynched, Youtube approves

Youtube has recently rolled out several new forms of censorship. Videos with conservative messages are being demonetized, placed into a special “sandbox” status where no one can find them, or banned outright. Youtube uses audio matching technology to prevent banned videos from being re-uploaded by other people.

Youtube is accelerating this censorship on a daily basis. Now, virtually everything right of center is being, at the least, demonetized. Even some moderate political commentators are now being demonetized.

What is not censored is actual incitement of racially motivated violence against white people.

Gangster rapper XXXTentacion has a new video with graphic and disturbing depictions of violence against white people. This includes a depiction of the rapper teaching a little black kid how to murder a little white kid. The little white kid is then depicted being hung to death.

The video also shows a frustrated white school teacher unable to control his black classroom. Then the rapper beats the white teacher with a dildo. Parts of the video contain crude sexually explicit lyrics. Other parts contain incitement of racial hatred against white people.

The video has been viewed almost five million times. It is being praised by black supremacists.

The video is fully “monetized” by Youtube. This means that Youtube is sharing the ad revenue it generates with the publisher. In other words, youtube is financially supporting this video.

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