Stefan Molyneux & Candace Owens

Great interview with Candace Owens, a black woman who was attacked by the left for refusing to play victim. She later started a kickstarter that would expose trolls in order to help children being bullied on the internet. Immediately after she started this she says a twitter rep contacted her demanding the project be cancelled and when she refused she was set upon by racist anonymous messages threatening her as well as attacks from mass media outlets. Her kickstarter was taken down when people started saying it supported pedophilia. She theorizes that this all happened because it would expose that the real people behind anonymous racist messages online like in gamer gate are really leftist activists. I found this as the most interesting part of this interview

She talks about her education and how she was bullied by other blacks for succeeding in school (which they said was acting white) and how the education system creates slaves rather then free thinkers. She further goes in to how the black community is used by democrats and how the welfare state creates slaves

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