Are Alt Left Protests Of Ben Shapiro Speech Anti Semitism At Berkeley?

Back in February the alt left led a protest to shut down gay Jewish speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. The protest eventually turned into a riot like alt left protests do, and among other things the windows were busted out of the Berkeley auditorium. This led some observers to call it Berkeley`s Night Of Broken Glass as violence and intimidation were used in order to suppress a gay Jewish speaker. Last night, once again BLM and other members of the alt left tried to stop a Jewish man from speaking at Berkeley; however unlike the scheduled speech by Milo, Ben Shapiro was able to speak, but not without a price tag of $600,000. Police were allowed to do their job this time and prevented the alt left from rioting and destroying the city like in past events and several were arrested. We wonder if pressure is getting to Berkeley`s mayor (who is accused of being supportive of antifa) to put an end to alt left terrorism. But getting back to our original point, a report from Townhall states that anti semitism has risen amongst the left and even appeared to peak on college campuses 2 years ago under 44`s administration. It leaves the question to whether these alt left protests against Jewish speakers are symbolic of this anti semitism.

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