NFL, Entertainment Awards, School Enrollment & More: SJW Activists Destroying Every Venue They Infest

The left is a paper tiger. From the need to bus people from town to town, craigslist ads to hire “actors”, carefully taken crowd photographs to make them appear bigger than they are, it`s all a deception in order to make a small minority seem to be the majority. It is the same way mass media manipulates stories in order to make a small minority seem to be the majority. For example, if a “racist” flier is found in a neighborhood and 9 out of 10 people they interview have nothing negative to say, they will use the one interview from the person who is vehemently opposed to the fliers. The story will be the headliner on the nightly news and it will be prefaced with- A community is disgusted by racist fliers that appeared overnight. This gives the illusion that the majority of people feel that way. It is a tactic used to manipulate reality and make the minority seem to be a majority. It is one they have perfected and use for many different themes, but the good thing is that it`s been overdone. For instance the accusations of racism / white supremacist etc have become so redundant that it is now ineffectual. Coupled with the double standards portrayed by the left, it has been so overused that it`s had a reversing effect and people are firing back against these baseless accusations instead of cowering. Americans are tired of being singled out and having blanket accusations made against us by the left.  The fact is that most Americans just aren`t interested in the identity politics that the left uses to divide and conquer anymore. We don`t bother anyone and we don`t want to be bothered.

The onslaught of social justice warrior activism in anything and everything the past 2-3 years has proven this. Americans aren`t turning on and tuning in, they are however dropping out. Everything that has been infested by the sjw ideology has been failing and losing ratings. Ratings are down in the TV world for Espn, who instead of reporting on sports have made themselves into a political outlet for social justice activism. Viewership was also down for the Trump hating emmy awards giving it the second lowest rating in it`s history. Not to be outdone though, mtv`s video music awards hosted by liberal mouthpiece Katy Perry did mange to get the lowest amount of viewership in their history. The vma`s were complete with social justice speeches as well as the playing of the song f*ck Donald Trump. Even once large news outlets have fallen in ratings with cnn placing lower than nick at nite. The nfl which has been criticized for social justice superbowl halftime shows as well as player protests is down both in tv ratings as well as ticket sales. American colleges that have been breeding grounds for social justice warrior activism have seen an enrollment drop in those that have allowed it to go unchecked.

In all of these failing outlets there is one common theme. It is a poison that is killing the largest trees in the forest. Let them continue to die off so that new roots can grow in their place.

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